100th base

to have s-xual intercourse with an entire zoo, the zoo keepers, the vistors, tourists and even the local wildlife that isnt part of the zoo.
guy 1:”i scored 100th base when i f-ck-d a giraffe,
elephant, zebra,llama, anaconda, gorilla, flamingo, lion, stick insect, panda, rhino, tiger, twenty zoo keepers and 500 random strangers!

guy 2:…get out.
to gather 217 v–gr-s, wash them all down at once using a gallon of t-tty residue suckled from ukrainian prost-tutes. and then run d-ck first through walls of buildings bringing each one to the ground until you reach lake ontario where you have s-x with a majestic mermaid non-stop for 8 days.
“i totally got to 100th base the other day”

“jesus christ! how the h-ll did you have s-x with a mermaid”

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