10/10 would bang

that super s-xy bestly s-xy -ss person you would just smash, same
“woah look at that girl!” “10/10 would bang dude.”

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  • chode smoker

    1. the art of sucking a hairy man’s short fat d-ck. 2. something you call someone for being a dumb-ss “becky i’m sorry but i totally choded smoked your bf last night” “bro quit being a chode smoker” for those of you who comprehend the relevant definitions of the nouns “chode” and “smoker,” the connotation […]

  • mustang cat

    when a tranny slips on a fake camel toe to go out for the night, then goes home with a poor unsuspecting man only to reveal that tranny c-ck followed by prison rape did you hear what happen to matt? he picked up a mustang cat from the bar last night!!

  • flapper jacker

    a person who steal your pancakes in the morning. hey you gotta look out for bill he is a big time flapper jacker.

  • gucci in the pucci

    when you want to ask a girl how that p-ssy doing “hey emily what’s gucci in the pucci?” when you are available and in the mood to f-ck “dude i haven’t seen any action in over a month, i’m so gucci in the pucci right now.”

  • jerry queen

    a gay attention wh-r-. don’t be such a jerry queen.

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