11-Year-Old Girl

the annoying type of immature girl that is high on hormones. they are easily identifiable. you know a girl that’s 11 years old when (in a stereotypical view):

-you see her always with her friends
-she holds hands and/or links elbows with her friends
-asks for facebook all the time
-internet begins to infect her

-develops an addiction to pink and sparkles
-begins to hate school more than ever
-wears bff shirts and bracelets and has too many sleepovers

-has highlights in her hair and wears furry boots
-kind of gets bratty
-hates boys
-addiction to twilight
-squeals too much
i saw a pair of 11-year-old girls last night at the ice skating rink. i couldn’t be there for a whole minute, that’s how annoying they are. ugh.

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