the code number of the master chief from the halo universe. code name spartan-117 is the leader of an elite group of genetically enhanced super-soldiers known as the “spartans”. aka john
i am spartan-117.
a number in which has amazing powers behind it, and can be found hidden in many different occasions.
“hey, i saw 117 on the hospital door in a movie again…”
a revered number often seen by a unique group of thinkers who are few and far between. these people are intrigued by the random occurrences in which this number appears in their daily lives.
“hey what’s the time?” – “it’s 1:17.”

“yo check that out,” looking on the building wall he saw it again, the number he’s been seeing for the last 12 years. in contemplation he asks, “what does it mean?”

“is that a tattoo of 117?”
police jargon for dead bodies at the scene of a crime
radio: there’s an 11-7 at the corner of 5th street and mlk boulevard.

officer: d-mn!
when two people share a shower either s-xually or to save water, either way your naked, or wearing a bathing suit, whatever floats your boat!

add more one’s to add the number of people!
john: hey what happened in the pool party last night?

lizzie: oh, we got tired of swimming so we got out of the pool and showered.

john: wait?! we? so all of you guys went in the showers together?

lizzie: h-ll yea! we 117-ed that b-tch! or 111111117-ed that b-tch, james has a big shower.
the term for a person who is for intents and purposes, “normal.”
they may not be totally cool or amazing, but are definately not the social outcasts that its opposite, 197, refers to.

antonym: 197

comes from the course numbers of washington university physics; 117 is general physics and 197 is “death physics” that attracts only the chess-club type.
“johnny is definately a 117.”

“sarah likes math but she is cool too, she’s more 117 than 197.”

“that 117 over there is cute.”
te number 117 is the number that is between 116 and 118. despite being a normal number people think it is the best gamer tag number in the world.
“hey dude whats your gamer tag for halo 3?”
“c00lawsomeguy117! is awesome because it has 117 in it!”
“wow get a life its just the number after 116. ur such a noob.”

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