12. Westport

a mainly rich population. houses overly priced for who knows why, some of them are tiny and cr-ppy. kids are mostly sterotypical and own multiple pieces of designer clothing. they also don’t know the true meaning of poverty, but think they are so terrific when they ‘help out’ in some way shape or form. unlike most other people say, westport teenagers don’t all go to ivy legue schools. only about 25, more or less, of the top students make it.
although westport is a great place to grow up, i hate it. especially when kids from other towns think i’m spoiled. for the record, my parents went to the college of charleston, not some big ivy legue school, and they know what it is like to be poor. since they do, i have to work for just about everything, or i won’t get it. oh yeh, and i hate designer clothing, i don’t own one single peice of it.

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