displays a penguin on facebook chat.
this is a penguin: <(") 1 more definition a mysterious sign which appears when a man of significant largeness is heaved into this world. its past is but a mystery to all but a few, yet the shape of the signs indicate it may be some form of poultry. recently has become prominent since the conception of one hariharen veerak-mar. <(") <(") <(") <(") <(")

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  • <((^^))>

    a fat smilie that looks a bit like kirby sh-t my smilie eaten too much again

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    to be b0nged is to be pwned i.e. getting tp’d is considered getting b00000nged, or having something bad happen to you in a embarr-ssing way like breaking your leg while trying to be a ballerina one lan we got bored and tp’d some houses they got b00000000nged 1 more definition the act of getting owned. […]

  • <(((><

    poker term. fish. someone who will call any bet to hit a rediculous suckout. you flop 2 pair; the fish flops nothing and calls any bet then hits the only 1 or 2 cards left in the deck that can beat you. <

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    someone who will do anything for money that hoolyhoo israel reyes said he would give a guy head for $4

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    when your -ssh-l- burns around the sphincter because you didn’t wipe your -ss good enough and you have to shove toliet paper in it. man, i took a poo and i got some major burny -sshole, better get some toliet paper.

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