123 main support battalion

the 123 msb is part of the 1 armored division in the us army in dexheim, germany. it is the cr-ppiest unit in the entire military, with only a hand full of good people in it. it is filled with the most rasict black people in the army who think that the army is a black army. it is also filled with masons, who think that they’re the best thing since sliced bread. they’re only out to help out their own kind.
in this unit a non-commisioned officer can inflict pain upon a soldier than year later get promoted, i guess the supply room is as close as you can get to the commander’s -sshole. this unit is filled with the most racist, nasty son-of a b-tch-s in the army, it’s like they just can’t die their stupid -ss-s never get sent to iraq. please mr secutary of defense lay off of the rest of the army send 123 in to the front lines so the the terrost can finally do something helpful.
123 main support battalion is the sh-t hole of the army.

soldier: hey dad i’ve done great things for my country.

dad: what’s that son???

soldier: i got a real good tan over in the salon, now my chain-of-command thinks i’m black. my promotable status is about to kick in on my next l.e.s.

dad: that’s great son i always knew you had it in you.

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