13 year old

a different kind of human beings, who think they’re cool because they run on the streets and make their friends laugh. which is most likely the reason aliens won’t make contact with us.
bunch of 13 year olds:

hey, did you know i can hack mine kraft accounts????
when someone becomes a teen. 13 year olds think they’re amazing, but instead they have raging hormones and their face is covered with zits:
1. a young teen
2. h-rny
13 year olds like to hump each other and inanimate objects because they think it’s not masturbating, but it really is.
13 year old girl: omg!!1 l@st n1t3 waz s0 kewl m3 @n my fr3ndz got 2g3th3r an hump3d 3@ch oth3rz bra1nz out!!1
a annoying ball of hormones, often thinks that they are the coolest most amazing person in the world but there just an annoying little kid. usually found playing cod with there squeaky voices over the headset.
13 year old- omg im da coolest.

everyone else- stfu kid.

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