1337 juice

1.) like digital gatorade poured over a winning teams head!
used as a victory cry to compliment the team for a job well done.
like a digital energy drink.
equivalent to gatorade or orange juice.

2.) the pool of blood left from a fallen enemy. typically a loudmouth idiot promoting his own 1337ness.
def 1 example:
super bowl victors get gatorade dumped on them.
“zomg! 1337 juice! (poured) we pumped teh n00bxorz!”

“wow we are kick’n b-tt. someone drank their 1337 juice”

player 1: “ready to go?”
player 2: “sure. i just powered up on some fresh squeezed 1337 juice!”

def 2 example:
“headshot! look @ all that 1337 juice, gotz squeezed from teh bad guy! lol”

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