1337 pwnage

describing something that is extremely good / skilled, especially in computer games.
i.e. i have a friend who is extremely skilled at halo 3 on xbox360. he is one of the highest ranked people i know, and can get 50 kills on me in the time it takes me to get 5. this, therefore makes me an epic fail noob, and him 1337 pwnage.

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    1337 speech is the act of using internet slang. typically, 1337 speech is used by people with the iq of a banana who think they are being cool by shaving 30 points off their iq. examples, leik omg g3t teh lif3 l00zer!!1! l3@rn 1337 speech l00zer

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    one bad motha- shut yo mouth -or- best person on the internet d-mn nukka, that 1337steve is on bad motha- shut yo mouth!

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