see leetspeak
0m9 1 i5 t3h r0xx0r w00t j00 i5 p\/\/n3d |31+c|-|

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  • brutal honesty

    tactless, hurtful, candid openess completely disregarding another’s feelings, hopes, dreams, or desires. boy says to girl with brutal honesty on the day before valentine’s day: “i have to say no. i’m not ready to meet your kid right now. and tomorrow is also valentine’s day–i’m not there yet.” what guys use to get you to […]

  • 1337 5p34k

    the worst thing someone using a computer will encounter. it insults people, makes certain companies lose money: such as gravity. because some people do not care about the community! people say stuff like: #4#4 ! pwn3|> j00 n00b #4#4 h3 !5 50 n008!5# 0|\/|6 w7f88qz0rz. keep in mind these were invented by hackers. and i […]

  • brutalix

    a s-d-stically dominant danish male who frequently puts women into -rg-smic comas. be careful, that brutalix is coming. a mexican who likes to get his brown eye screwed by large black prison inmates. brutalix was screwed in the brown eye by tyrone

  • grymie

    rude, wrong, mean, “messed up”, shady ey dawg, that was real grymie how you did gabby last night roch-lle, you know that’s grymie

  • 13375p34l<

    you shall never know…actually it means “elite language” when translated. my nickname is in 13375p34l<

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