14th earl of derby edward george geoffrey smith stanley

[stan-lee] /ˈstæn li/
arthur penrhyn
[pen-rin] /ˈpɛn rɪn/ (show ipa), (dean stanley) 1815–81, english clergyman and author.
edward george geoffrey smith, 14th earl of derby, 1799–1869, british statesman: prime minister 1852, 1858–59, 1866–68.
francis edgar, 1849–1918, and his twin brother freelan
[free-luh n] /ˈfri lən/ (show ipa) 1849–1940, u.s. inventors and manufacturers: developed steam-powered car.
sir henry morton (john rowlands) 1841–1904, british journalist and explorer in africa: led successful search for david livingstone.
wendell m(eredith) 1904–71, u.s. biochemist: n-bel prize 1946.
the capital and princ-p-l harbor of the falkland islands, in the e part.
mount, former name of ngaliema, mount.
a male given name: an old english family name taken from a placename meaning “stone field.”.
the capital of the falkland islands, in ne east falkland island: scene of fighting in the falklands war of 1982. pop: 1989 (2001)
a town in ne england, in n durham. pop: 19 072 (2001)
mount stanley, a mountain in central africa, between uganda and the democratic republic of congo (formerly zaïre): the highest peak of the ruwenzori range. height: 5109 m (16 763 ft) congolese name ngaliema mountain
sir henry morton. 1841–1904, british explorer and journalist, who led an expedition to africa in search of livingstone, whom he found on nov 10, 1871. he led three further expeditions in africa (1874–77; 1879–84; 1887–89) and was instrumental in securing belgian sovereignty over the congo free state

stanley stan·ley (stān’lē), wendell meredith. 1904-1971.

american biochemist. he shared a 1946 n-bel prize for discovering methods of producing pure enzymes and virus proteins.

town, northwestern tasmania, australia, on the eastern sh-r- of circular head, a promontory extending into b-ss strait. from 1826 it was the hub of the settlement of the van diemen’s land company in that part of the state. first called circular head, the town was renamed in 1833 for lord stanley, then colonial secretary. it was the birthplace of joseph aloysius lyons, the first tasmanian to become prime minister of australia (1931-39). just off the b-ss highway and terminus of a rail line from launceston (105 miles [170 km] southeast), stanley serves a region yielding timber, fish, dairy products, potatoes, and turnips. pop. (2001) locality, 455.
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