a consumable molotov c-cktail. made by bacardi, it is 151 proof and, if not handled correctly, can send your drunk -ss to the hospital with alcohol poisoning or third degree burns. it sure as h-ll will put some hair on your chest though.
151 will get you drunk, and if someone p-sses you off, you can wrap a flaming rag around it and throw it at their car.
a beast -ssed drink that f-cks you up h-lla fast. we’re talking 75.5% alcohol n-gg-.
g-d-d-mnit robbie you drank all my 151 b-tch. somebody beat this nig to a pulp. he’s h-lla f-ck-d up. but first, we must pump out his stomach.
bacardi 151 (rum) – as in 151 proof or 75.5% alcohol. as a teen dealing with bouts of depression and bursts of let-loose fun, it’s the beverage of choice now that i’ve outgrown my vodka phase. but d-mn this sh-t is a b-tch goin down! get’s ya f’d up hard and fast.
i drink 151 because i think i’m hardcore. but really i’m just hardcore because i’m drinking alone tonight… and tomorrow night. “what’s wrong with sam?” “oh, he’s tapped his private stash of get-f-cked-up.”
short for bacardi 151, which also stands for the amount of proof the beverage contains
one sip of that 151 sh-t would make a n-gg- flip.
the alcoholic beverage bacardi 151
nishant loves his 151.
bacardi 151. 151 proof (75.5% alchohal by volume) sh-t will get u f-ck-d up
“151, one sip’ll make a n-gg- flip”
s-x in a bottle. basically gets you laid.
get a pint of 151 and some hot chick and you will get laid. guaranteed.

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