180 is the highest score possible in the sport of darts. a player must land all three of his darts in the “triple 20” area of the dart board.
-player gets a score of 180-

announcer: “oooonnnnnnneee hundred anndd eeeiiiiiiggggghhhhtttyyyyy!!!”
(v.) to turn around in one’s att-tude and actions.

(v.) when snowboarding, skating, bmxing or similar, a 180 is turning the medium around quickly.

both definitions are from 180 degrees, a half-turn.
a) he did a complete 180 after the germans attacked.

b) he pulled off a 180.
high-iq woman from yale, or some other “good” school, who’s also a ho ‘tween the sheets.
barbie doll, a 180 honey in sling-back kicks and a spray-on armani, walks in the bar, hip-checks the bouncer . . . heads don’t just turn, they whiplash. . . .
the action of pivoting at a 180 degree angle (i.e. turning around) when a male is performing #1 at the toilet bowl but then realizes that he also has to do #2.

this typically does not apply to urinals or to females (unless the female likes doing #1 standing up)
although he thought it would be a quick trip to the bathroom, billy realized he should do a 180 before his long commute.
used alot in skiing and snow boarding. spinning 180 degrees, to face the opposite way.
“dude, i pulled a smooth 180 off that jump”
in darts, the greatest number of points that can be scored in one turn, achieved by hitting the triple 20 on all three throws. also called a ton 80.
a perfect game of darts: 501-180-180-(3-20+3-19+2-12)=0
a match.com phenomena that commences with the cyber stalking the pretty person, followed by an e-mail to him or her telling them how terrific and interesting he/she seems, followed by pure hatred of the pretty person when he/she doesn’t respond.
jamaal: “hey n-gg-, did shaniqua_4507 get back to you?”
rayshard: “who?”
jamaal: “you know, dat b-tch you said was da one fo you.”
rayshard: “that b-tch? she has a small -ss anyway.”
jamaal: “sounds like a match.com 180 to me. i tole you never git on dat thang.”
1. a time period in which someone is placed in segregation (dsu, the hole) for a long amount of time. 180’s are given for major offenses. it equates to 6 months, and is usually followed by a year in imu.

other common sentences are 90 & 120.
did you hear that spooky got a 180 for beating that guys head in on the yard a few weeks back?

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