an extremely popular partying destination for marquette and local milwaukeeans circa 2005-2007. the original house contained 6 great friends and a short tagalong. popular household activities during parting included but were not limited to balancing on kegs, ninja dynamite experiments, exchanging war stories about rats, playing beer darts, and eating frozen pizzas. the popular catch phrases such as “the tribe has spoken” and “is that your final answer” have been rumored to start in the loft of 1915. the catch phrase “dyn-o-mite” was confirmed to start in the loft. the only enemy of 1915 was “private party” which always tried to put a stop to 1915’s merrymaking, and has been alleged to have called the cops on 1915’s great christmas blowout of 05’. the greatest attribute of 1915 was its gorgeous backyard that has never been linked to a “bad time”.
that party was real boss, but it will never compare to 1915.

freshman talking to another freshman: when we get older we have to through parties like 1915.

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