some jerk with nothing better to do than fake this bogus ip address and infect me! if someone gets the real one, send me
a remote computer at ip adress bullsh-t

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  • 19-5-20-20-12-5

    the numbers of the letters of the alphabet that spell the word “settle” as in “settle down”. by saying this to someone, they will stop doing whatever they are doing to figure out what the numbers mean, thus settling down. guy 1: oh my god, you’re such a d-ck!!!!!! guy 2: 19-5-20-20-12-5 guy 1: wait, […]

  • 1958 plymouth fury

    the most beautiful car in history,also a evil possesed car in stephen king’s novel christine about a 1958 red/white plymouth fury belvedere who seducees a 17 year old geeky outcast and makes him fall for her,which the plymouth kills anyone who gets in her way or her owner’s. i want to buy the beauty of […]

  • sea monkied

    the act of ejaculating i sea monkied so hard in sheela last night

  • live again

    expressing yourself to the fulliest extent boy 1: man i fell like going to the movies boy 2: we just went last week boy 3: come on lets live again

  • 1984

    a book written by george orwell in 1948, the t-tle is simply derived from flipping the last 2 digits of the year it was written (1948/1984) and has nothing to do with when it is all supposed to take place. the book is mostly used to show the governments ability to control what you think […]

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