the l337 (elite) way of spelling the word “lulz,” which is a secondary way of saying the word: lol.
“0mg, 1’m s0 l337, 1u12”

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    when u skeet into a girls mouth, shes eating skeetles “she likes her some skeetles” when you skeet all over a pack of skittles, and them feed them to an unsuspecting skittle-lover. right before my girlfriend took some of my skittles, i j-zzed all over them, she said they were the best skeetles she ever […]

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    -n-l discharge in result of -j-c-l-t–n from a p-n-s in your -ss. oh my g-d, jimmy! i had so much skeet scat come out of my -ss after you f-cked the sh-t out of it!

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