4 5683 968

when writting an sms message, the numbers 4 5683 968 translate to “i love you”. taken from the alphabet where as the key number 2 is abc, 3=def, so on and so forth.

4 = i

5 = l
6 = o
8 = v
3 = e

9 = y
6 = o
8 = u
“i think 4 5683 968.”
how you text i love you numericaly, from your cell, when one wants to be descrete and silly. fun game and play on phrases to stump one another.
penny: (phone alerts) 4 5683 968 – awww (sends a txt back to satcrazedchipmunk)
(his phone alerts) 4 9268 9687 2625 (lets see you figure this one out.
text message code for “i love you”
-“i miss you babe. i love you”
-“me too, 45683968”

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