an excellent suv manufactured by toyota that is extremely reliable, and will last forever. a 4runner will outlast any jeep out there.
them: wow your car has 400 thousand miles, and runs strong as ever! what is it?
me: a toyota 4runner, what else would it be?
i swear every 4runner is driven by a hot guy. check it out next time, up this if you agree.
dylan drives a 4runner
one of the best trucks you could ever buy. 100,000 miles? no difference. 200,000 miles? wouldn’t even realize. 300,000 miles? not done yet. 400,000 miles? not even close. 500,000 miles? the engine doesn’t miss a beat.
jeep owner: my jeep will so kick your j-p cr-p 4runner’s -ss.
toyota owner: don’t come to me askin you for help when you’re on your 5th engine rebuilt within 60,000.
a vehicle made by toyota with a two backseats but the middle one is the best for the loving. the 4runner has an incredible off road ability and can take u too the dirtiest places in the world. it is average when compared to the jeep but in luxury is a different story. the middle row of seats can fold down and then you can lay the back seats down and almost fit a twin bed mattress in. the 4runner is a mean, tough, beast that is more expensive than any jeep. it is also used by lauren and chase for fun lovin’ on car rides on and off road.
i’ve always wondered how dirty lauren and chase could get the 4runner but i didnt think they would take it that far.
an exremely magnificant v8 super 4×4. 4runners were made by toyota and kia since teh early 69’s. 4runneres are extremely fast and powerful. my 1.2 liter 2 cylinder 4runner does 0-100km/h in approximatlkey 2.3652152145212236554455696969 seconds. one time me mach truck broke down so i jest threw the trailor on the back of me good old 4runner with no noticable power loss. my 4runner returns approximatley 1.25549566969458565656 liters/100kms. 4runners are extremely good for teh hanky panky. i often get old sheilas in the back for a good time. i have had plenty of threesoms in teh back. the only problem is that s-m-n stains are hard to remove from teh carpet. i bought my 4runner back in 1993 for $35000 new, now its worth approximatley $69696969.696969696969696969. i love my 4runner, it truley is teh best car in teh world. i wash it with dry c-m.
“my toyota 4runner is soo fast, i often drag off skylines and xr6 turbos at the lights”
“my 4runner is nearly as nice as my p-n-s”
a rusty piece of cr-p made by toyota. sucks in the mud, rides like it has no suspension, and burns gas like n-body’s business.
dude his 4runner is such a lame -ss car.
an piece of cr-p suv made by toyota that comes no where in comparison with any jeep in the off roading community.
who is that box that is stuck in a ditch over there? oh that’s right, it’s a 4runner.

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