slang for police officers and/or a warning that police are approaching. derived from the television show hawaii 5-0. also see pig, and piglet.
look out man, 5-0!
(verb) street slang used by many to replace the word police. originated from an old cop show called hawaii five-o. it aired from september 1968 to april 1980. the “five-o” in the t-tle then became a commonly used word for police.
oh cr-p, its five-o
another name for policemen
oh no! 5-0! get the fc-k out of ere! run!
slang for police, originated from the tv show “hawaii five-0” (apparently a show about cops)
“5-0 at the do, gotta go” -cradle to the grave
the police.

50, pr-nounced “five oh”, means the cops. it comes from the cop show hawaii 5-0, and it has jack sh-t to do with motherf-cking crown victoria’s, you stupid mark!!
raise up fool, its the 50!
slang for police. origin unclear, likely derived from the 1970’s tv police drama “hawaii 5-0” although it has been suggested to refer to the “5.0” emblems on ford mustang police cars used by many agencies in the late 1980’s-1990’s.
“holy sh-t, 5-oh! 5-oh! get those fighting c-cks back in their cages!
1. a cop. this term is used when the cop is coming after you. avoid cops at all costs, they are out to get you for something you did or did not do.

2. a grind done on a skateboard when one truck is on the rail, and the other is raised above.
5 0, 5 0, scatter!

pack your sh-t, we’re going to canada. that 5 0 just busted our crack house.

sh-t, did you see that 5 0 grind he did down that rail?

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