5 ball

a ratio of 4 males to 1 female in a s-xual encounter
man did you hear about that 5 ball last night, courtney was stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey

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  • 5 bear minutes

    when someone says they will be there in five minutes and ends up taking an hour 5 minutes! you took an hour! that’s 5 bear minutes

  • brokenly

    adverb. 1. in an inoperable state 2. used as an intensive emphasizing how broken an object’s state blackwolf was brokenly owned by his ps3.

  • 5c3n3

    a kewl person that is way better than those scene kids zack is the kewlest 5c3n3

  • cheapios

    generic, or store-brand cheerios dude, i got the munchies, you got anything to eat around here? how about a big bowl of cheapios?

  • 5 cap

    to obtain control of all 5 resource nodes in the arathi basin battleground in world of warcraft. domination. we 5 capped cr-p clan in under 10 minutes.

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