5 Dollar Lobster

1. a’n extremely poor person of economic society. they often can not pay loans or keep secrets if they suspect it may land them cash if they tell others. they are desperate saps, often pretending they are rich to get the attention of celebrities. they also rely on very low end things that cost 5 dollars or below.
2. one of the many specialties of las vegas resort bistros. to keep up the supply and interest (and budget) tourists, they must lower the standards of food. aka: the 20.00$ lobster was lowered to 5:00$ one
1: “tod, did you see that poor sap trying to take that hot b-tch to tojo’s? i bet he can’t even afford the place!”
tod, “poor guy, i really hate those five dollar lobsters!”
2: jim: “sh-t, i just got e-coli from that meal”!
tod: “d-mn, the notorious 5 dollar lobster strikes again”!

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