5-o goes back even further than california late 80’s. it’s origins are a reference to an old 70’s tv show called hawaii 5-0 starring jack lord. the police were 5-o and eventually the show lingo caught on as hip among petty criminals in southern california.

“stop, hawaii 5-o!!!!”

….blah, blah, blah- small struggles, throw a few punches – handcuffs criminal and stuffs them in the back of a patrol car ….

“book ’em danno”, said steve garrett.
the 5o or more appropraitely, 5-o, refers to the police forces, usually by parties that do not like them.
here comes the 5o, run!
5-0 became a slang term for law enforcement (aka police) after the hit show “hawaii five-o”. the show was centered around a fictional division inside the state-police of hawaii and carried the same name as the television show (“hawaii five-0”. the division’s name gets its origin from honoring the fact that hawaii was the 50th state to become apart of the united states of america.
on a side note, the division was actually called “hawaii five-0” (as in zero, no the letter “o”) but imdb has the show listed with the letter “o” in the t-ttle.
the five-0 (5-o)had set-up a speed trap and gave me a hefty ticket!
police, the cops, po po
yo, it’s 5-o
chill man we aint da 5-o
when you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing and someone yells 5’0 that means they’re giving you a warning because you’re going to get caught
say you’re looking through the teachers drawer and your friend is on the look out and see’s your teacher coming, he/she will yell 5’o so you can be warned and pretend like you’re innocent
the police. 5-o is the type of engine that police cars use.
“hey lets get the f-ck out of here the 5-o is coming!!”
an extremely cheap, pretty harsh vodka. usually the cheapest you can find, stands for 5 – o clock.
(guy): man that vodka was dank.

(other guy): f-ck no, that was 5-o.

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