5 year plan

american undergraduate (“college”) degrees historically and typically take 4 years to complete. a person on the “5 year plan” is usually not a serious enough student, who will not have enough credits to graduate within 4 years, perhaps due to dropping cl-sses, changing majors often, or flunking courses (which gives no credits).
“my roommate my soph-m-re year partied 6 nights a week. he ended up only taking 2 courses one semester.”

“oh yeah? my ex-boyfriend never went to cl-ss except to take the exams — sometimes. he failed half his cl-sses when we were dating. he was on the 5 year plan too.”
when a college student goes to college without any hope of graduating. student will typically go on 5 year plan when they feel they will not need a college degree to succeed in life or when then drop out of college then decide to go back. even though they will not graduate, the student on the 5 year plan will still hold themself in high regard as they can make the claim that they have “some college” in their background opposed to only being a high school grad
look at greg, 22 years old and still only a soph-m-re. he must be on the 5 year plan… wish i was on it

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