50 facts about men

21. men like women to be into the same things they are into, but don’t pretend to be into the same things. women don’t expect men to like doing nails.

22. men like to do things first before women. it makes them feel more important.

23. men have higher body temperatures than women. men are like portable heaters that snore.
24.if a man says, “i’ll call you,” and he doesn’t, he didn’t forget…he didn’t lose your number…he didn’t die. he just didn’t want to call you.
25. men compartmentalize everything. this means that is something doesn’t fit into one of their brain catigories, they freak out and can’t handle it.

26. men only -rg-sm once during s-x. sucks for you
27. all men watch p-rn and m-st-rb-t-, this is considered cool. most women do to but won’t admit it because it’s ok for a man but shameful for a women.

28. men are impatient. this means they hate it if women take a long time to get ready. but really it’s their fault because they set up all these standards for how a woman should look.

29. men think they are smarter then women and have them figured out. women just let them think that because if they really understood the complexity of being a woman their tiny stupid male brains would explode.

30. men want to date a wh-r- but marry an innocent virgin.
50 facts about men continued.
are us men supposed to be insulted by this list?
i dont understand
a list which pretty much any woman on urban dictionary will click on and read to find more about us and our weaknesses,
either after or before she reads 50 facts about women.
come on do you honestly think it’s gonna be that easy to find what our weaknesses are simply by clicking 50 facts about men?

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