50 shekel

a jewish rapper from new york city, whose songs inckude “in da shul” and “chanukah jam”.
man, the 50 shekel- jew rule feud has gotten outta control…
a jewish rapper who gave his life to jesus and is now ostracized by the jewish community
yo, man, did ya hear about 50 shekel? tha jewish rapper? well, he ain’t jewish anymore! he gave his life over to jc last month.
a jewish believer who raps.
have you heard of that rapper, 50 shekel?
a man after g-d’s own heart, a wonderful vessel of our loving father g-d, this man shows people what g-d has told them and promised them in the tanach, this man helps people find their promised messiah, the messiah is yeshua/jesus, g-d has been promising us a messiah ever since he spared abraham son isaac and provided a lamb (we are the children g-d spared and yeshua/jesus is that lamb), as 50 shekel will tell you himself its not about him its about g-d and we all should get to know him because when we do find g-d you will be so pleased with who you find. for info about the messiah in the tanach go to www.messiahrevealed.org and get and read a tanach you’ll love what you find in it, and for some really great music go to www.aviadcohen.com.
hey did you hear 50 shekel, he was reading from the tanach and in jeremiah 31:31 g-d promised us a brit chadasha a new covenant

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