it’s a frog. it can be added to make a text message a tad more weird.
i saw some weird sh-t today :(]

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  • brazilian purple paint job

    when you put your d-ck into a brazilian girl’s -n-s and she clenches her b-tt checks so hard that when you pull out your p-n-s is a nice bruised purple color. “dude, have you had a purple paint job before” “nah but i’ve had a brazilian purple paint job, it’s on a whole different level”

  • carmina burana

    one of the most epic orchestral (also called o fortuna) songs of the history, composed by carl off (or something like that). is a 1 hour and 11 minutes song, so freakin awesome. -hey i listen the entire o fortuna. -man, are you serious. you listen carmina burana. -yes no keeding the entire 1 hour […]

  • dandwani

    a last name for people. mostly of sindhi descend. barney stinson worships these people too. they are super awesome too. i wish i could be dandwani.

  • dangle tag

    when yelled in the shower by one male to another. the other male/s must try to escape as the first or “alpha” male tries to mushroom stamp the others with his genitalia. andy as he goes into charles’ stall andy-“dangle tag!” charles- can’t catch me now!

  • :($)

    :($) money where my mouth is. doing something that you said you were going to do. here’s the work i promised :($)

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