certain idiots from a certain website on the internet have decided that they’re superior to other users because they’ve been a member longer. this was mostly caused by recent advertis-m-nts on mtv leading to a rush of new users.

these idiots will write ‘5t4s!1’ in their blog descriptions hoping to distinguish themselves as long-time users. when in reality they’ve been using the website for about a month. what they don’t realize is that many people who have been there longer than even they have- will not put this in their blog descriptions. ultimately defeating the entire purpose. it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a part of a website, or how you became a part of a website. obviously if you found out about it- it’s not a huge f-ck-ng secret. and your blog could still suck complete d-ck even if you’ve been working on it before everyone else.

in addition, this website needs a certain amount of people joining and coming in. they shouldn’t be bashed for not being ‘an originzlal!11’ if all new users are bashed to the point where they leave the website: there won’t be a website anymore. i know it’s hard for you hipsters to think about anything other than being able to say “yeah, i blog on a website that you’ve probably never heard about”. more users equals more success. which equals less errors. you aren’t an elite force. has it ever occurred to you that new users will just write it in their blogs too. this isn’t f-cking fetch.
“my naem is karly- i liek tattooz, boys, adtr, and i’m tot4lly 5t4s. so liek, bow down 2me and follo me. because im legit hunny.”

“my name is mike. i hate you already. crystal castles = life. i don’t follow back, i don’t have friends, and i don’t post anything but pictures of myself. if you’re not 5t4s then get out of here. we don’t want your kind here.”

~-0 people are sucking my giant, hipster p-n-s.-~
a stupid label for the site tumblr made by stupid people to supposedly weed out the “n00bs” from the “actual, hardcore” tumblr originals. basically it is the virus that is turning tumblr into another elitist mysp-ce and facebook.
tumblr user: dude! you need to put “5t4s” on your blog so that everyone can tell that your not one of the facebook r-t-rds that’s going to ruin tumblr!
other tumblr user: you’re an idiot. gtfo
it means 5 t-shirts in 4 seconds, its a tumblr challenge, where you post 5 pictures of t-shirts as quick as you can!!!
omg, totally doing 5t4s!!
a code for someone who is part of an original group, but when the group becomes part of a big picture, or becomes famous, they try to separate the old school from the new school. kind of like newf-g/oldf-g on 4chan.

can also be used for sheep who try to follow a trend and act as if they were cool.
1 – nerdy guy: dude, i was the 5t4s of nerds before coding was popular! f-ck man.

2 – guy: i’m 5t4s, you guys are all sad newbies at this.
a magical grouping of numbers and letters used to denote pre-advertised tumblr users from nubs.

generally placed in the about me section.

there is an ongoing debate as to weather or not this is fair, since everyone was once a new tumblrer.
person: f-ck! mtv is advertising tumblr!! the world is ovvverrr!

other person: how will we separate old tumblr users from these newf-gs?!

person: 5t4s?

other person: 5t4s it is.
a horrible virus that attacks any new tumblr users. there is no way to avoid it once you’ve made an account. it will find you and eat away at your computer. the only way to not get it is to just stay away from tumblr.com.
friend 1: hey i just made a tumblr! follow me?
friend 2: oh god! quick delete it, or else you’ll get 5t4s!
friend 1: but you have a tumblr…
friend 2: yeah but it only attacks new users starting after 2011, seriously you have to delete it asap. it’s the worst virus you can possibly get!
friend 1: oh lord okay! -deletes-
used on tumblr to tell if someone is a noob or not. thanks to mtv, people are invading tumblr with their mainstream cr-p, and this is the code people use to know whom is who.
-searching on tumblr-
-reading someone’s info-
stacie. 16. tumblr addict. photography lover. 5t4s.
-reading another person’s info-
ashley is the name, tumbling is the game! starbucks and my boyfriend are what i lovee!
-not follow-

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