/siks dub-l oh wun/, /dub-l oh wun/ or rarely /siks dub-l oh fun/ mit’s introductory computer cl-ss for majors, known for its intensity. developed by gerald sussman and hal abelson, the course is taught in scheme and introduces recursion, higher-order functions, object-oriented programming and much more. students who grasp the metacircular interpreter gain entry into the knights of the lambda-calculus. 6.001 has been exported to several other colleges, sometimes successfully. the textbook, “structure and interpretation of computer programs”, written with julie sussman is a cl-ssic that can be found on the shelves of many computer scientists, whether they took the course or not. legendary characters from the cl-ss, problem sets, and book include the wise alyssa p. hacker, ben bitdiddle, lem e. tweakit and eva lu ator, the careless louis reasoner and captain abstraction.

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