6 steppin

goin crazy, like a buffalo
yo that boy be 6steppin!

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    a show on teletoon (canada) that revolves around 6 teens (16 years old) that work at the same mall together. they seem to act older than 16 though. many of the stores in the mall are spoofs of real stores and the mall is based on toronto eatons center and west edmonton mall although it […]

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    in ny you have the 5 boroughs: manhattan, the bronx, brooklyn, queens, staten island. when you go to central florida it seems like everyone is from new york. so call it new york’s 6th borough. hey when i retire im going to move to the 6th borough of ny, viera florida

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    couch loungin’. she spent her sat-rday night in her living room, watching t.v. just coungin’ around.

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    someone who thinks if all of their fb friends do not agree with all of their statuses, then they aren’t real friends. girl: if you were a friend, then you would automatically be happy for me. guy: i didn’t realize i had to be a facebook republican to comment on your status in disagreement. girl: […]

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