õis. symbolizing the flower of love, the maker of destiny and the god of faith, 615 has been in use since the founding fathers by those who l-st for the roses, sunflowers and even weed.
a: i have been feeling fairly unattached lately… i think im off my true path, old friend…
b: you should seek guidance from smelling the smokey scent of 615
area code for cashville, tennakee. fulla killaz n dolla billaz.
guy 1: “im headed down to the 615 for a little party time…”
guy 2: “sh-t man, can i come? cashville’z dope as h-llz.”
the code used to refer to the yaoi pairing grimmjow/ichigo in the anime ‘bleach.’
i saw some awesome 6-15 fanart yesterday!

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