as of may 4 2005, it has be determined that this is the true number of the beast. a tiny fragment of 1,500-year-old papyrus was written in greek, the original language of the new testament, and contains a key p-ssage from the book of revelation.
616 is the number of the beast!
an alternate reading for “666” as found in some m-n-scripts of revelation 13:18.
saul paul benjamin in hebrew (where each letter is a number) adds up to 616.
the fax number of the beast.
guy: satan’s not answering his phone. (666)
other guy: fax him on 616.
area code to the hoods of grand rapids michigan. gunz stay smokin, aint no one jokin.
grand rapids michigan, the 616 area, gun ru, this sh-t is not a joke.
size of the average male p-n-s
note: african americans – larger
asians – smaller
holy sh-tmy new boy toy is bigger than 6.16!
the baddest motherf-ckers you’ll ever come across in bradford, not to f-ck with.
homeboy 1: yo n-gg- i hear theres bare of them 616 boys round these ends!
homeboy 2: sh-t n-gg- we better leave, 616 baddest boys in bradford!
a trailer in which big daddy aka mr alvarez
live and rules with his giant stick
hey what is that tralier called?
the 616 duh

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