booty call code for ‘s-x tonight.’
“you want 629? i want 629. let’s have 629.”

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  • Guanasyphaherpalitus

    mixture of the stds guanaria, syphilis, & herpes. oh my god! you slept with those two guys, and your herpes turned into guanasyphaherpalitus?

  • hershezy

    in other words it means “f-ck you” hershezy all you f-cken haters and get outta ma face.

  • Hershits

    cr-p that looks like hershey chocolates. “adam cr-pped out hersh-ts.”

  • Hypetronic

    of the fly variety; in the moment, trendy, exclusive to an esoteric privileged audience, vogue, or extremely hip. a mix of the potency of chronic with the timely buzz of hype. many people started wearing supreme 5-panel hats when they became hypetronic.

  • bootie crickets

    bootie crickets is a condition of acknowledged s-xuality whereby the male or female of a species, upon random sampling of pheromone transmission, is so detectable to the opposite s-x that it must be acknowledged and commented upon. man, her bootie crickets are barkin’ tonight!

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