1.) a 3 digit number
2.) oral s-x with another person watching
3.) simultaneous oral s-x done six times in a certian time. usually counted by the number of -rg-sms given off by one of the partners.
4.) demonic s-x.
1.) “if i multiply 6 times 116, i get 696.”
2.) “hey, me and my girl are gonna do a 696. wanna join?”
– “i can only watch?… awww…”
3.) “g-d, this 696 thing is a hard thing to try.”
4.) “the pentagram and candles are finally finished. now time to get this 696 going.”
696 is pr-nounced six ninety-six, not six-hundred ninety-six.

696 is an enhanced version of 69, but altered to accommodate a third person who cannot partic-p-te. this third person’s presence may or may not be known.
1. i 696ed with my parents. while they 69ed i was jerkin it in the closet. (unknown third person)

2. my b-tch came over the other day, but she was on period, so instead i 69ed with someone else while she watched. (known and extremely jealous third person)
a three way… version of 69
woah that was some 696 ladies…

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  • 69+84=5

    mean 2 s-x moves equals a pregant woman. dude i totally did a69+84=5 on that girl and no she’s 5 (pregnant).

  • 69 cream pie

    two women having both recently had intercourse with the same man who -j-c-l-t-d into each of them performing c-nn-l-ng-s on the other. jack’s bliss babe anne and their girlfriend did the 69 cream pie while he got ready for another round.

  • 69 dead sled

    raping and then shooting a woman in the head on a flight of stairs and then sticking your d-ck in her gun shot wound and riding her dead corpse down the stairs like a sled. her on bottom of course. dude i 69 dead sled your mom last night!

  • 69er shits

    the 69er sh-ts, is a six second sh-t and 9 minutes to wipe cause your -sshole keeps puckering up. i was out drinking all night, and now i have the 69er sh-ts

  • Face Swap

    when two people cut the skin of their face off, trade faces, and j-zz on eachother’s head so that the face will stick. “hey man i’m bored” “wanna face swap?” “sure, where’s your exacto knife?”

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