69th Kill streak

you are sitting on the couch naked and the other partner places his/her hips on your chest so that you are able to orally stimulate his/her junk. he/she, in turn is laying down, his/her body laying down your body so he/she has full-access to orally stimulate your junk. (please see 69) you are trying your best to see a t.v screen over his/her b-m so that you are able to play call of duty: black ops or call of duty: modern warfare 2. then, you proceed to achieve a kill streak of any size. (note, the bigger the kill streak, the better the 69th kill streak)
guy 1: “hey man! i totally got this girl i met down the clubs to do a 69th kill streak with me! it was hard ‘cos her -ss was so big… so i only got a spy plane.”

guy 2: “that’s frigen awesome!”

girl 1: “did i hear you guys say 69th kill streak?, i got my boyfriend to do that with me about a week ago!”

guy 2: “really? what kill streak did he get?”

girl 1: “oh no. it was me. and i got a tactical nuke…. and then i -rg-smed.”

guy 1: “could i get your number?”

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