6th Grade

6th grade is where you learn all the sh-t you have already learned in elementary school. 6th grade is a f-cking waste of time. teachers are f-cking c-nts, and it is a place where there is no freedom because of a c-nt licking -sshole called the “princ-p-l”. school only teaches kids to care about what other people think of them.
teacher : jake, what is 3 + x if x = 2?

jake: we learned this in elementary school, you f-cktard.

teacher: excuse me? that is a detention!

jake: f-ck you you f-cking c-nt licking -sshole. suck my d-ck, you peice of worthless sh-t. f-ck 6th grade.

teaher: (speechless)
a big deal to most people when in reality it isn’t a big deal.
a time when everyone likes to gossip about people who are a little bit overweight.
look at the 6th grade gossiping about those losers over there!!
used as a come back to any imature joke
i f-cked your mom
ohhh 6th grade

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