7 layer caking

to flirt with your girl or significant other for a long period of time.
yo dude wheres chris hes been gone for awhile. man hes in his room 7 layer caking

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    when a girl is licking your -ss and you slide out a small amount of poo. when roxy was licking my -ss the other night i couldn’t resist to squeeze a little one out. i ended up doing a backfire on her tongue.

  • 7 layers

    a really fat woman’s stomach i can’t believe you slept with that woman. she was a total 7 layers.

  • 7-layer underwear wrecker

    the m-ssive skid mark left behind after eating, digesting, and farting out taco bell. these usually can not be washed away. i am not gonna eat at taco bell for awhile, i destroyed my skivies with a 7-layer underwear wrecker. it will never come out.

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