700 Club

extreme christian conservative program that pretends to be “news” but which filters everything through a redneck, bigoted viewpoint. hosted by pat robertson, the anti-christ, who spends most of his time threatening h-llfire and asking for more money.
watching the 700 club gave me simultaneous intense nausea and explosive diarrhea.
members of the 700 club are people who have taken 700 mg of benadryl, which results in a crazy as h-ll trip that can last anywhere from eight hours to a few days. tripping on benadryl makes you see delusions, not hallucinations- the difference, for anyone who may not know, is that while you know a hallucination isn’t real; when you’re delusional, you believe that everything you’re seeing is completely and fully real. once you come down from your trip, however long that may take, you probably won’t remember a thing.
we got that n-gg- john to join the 700 club last weekend! d-mn, he was trippin b-lls.

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