a short phrase that means headshot.
bang!! headshot (—) you’re dead!!!

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    a text bear. (;;;)(‘ . ‘)(;;;) grrrrr!!

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  • Lazzari

    (la-za-ree) orphan; parentless person, shuffling between foster home, (also relating to a person with very little to no friends) “are your parents home?” “i don’t have parents, i’m a lazzari.” to “no show”; to be busy with “important” things to go out with friends. i will have to “lazzari” this time.

  • felprost

    felony prost-tution; the crime of prost-tution treated legally as a felony rather than a misdemeanor because the person accused thereof is hiv-positive. gay rights groups object to the “felprost” laws on the books in many states because they believe such laws inordinately target male “hustlers” as opposed to female, heteros-xual prost-tutes.

  • LC Kool

    a person who is unbelievably cool, especially in areas such as hair and appearance. person a: woh that guy is so cool, he’s lc kool. person b: i think that’s a bit over the top.

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