the number of g-d. its counterpart is the number 666, also known as the mark of the beast.
777 is a lucky number because its the number of g-d.
one interpretation is simply that 666 represents humankind in general because of the special significance that the number has in the bible. six is known as an “imperfect number” because it is one short of seven, the “perfect number” (seven days in the week, seven tongues of flame, seven spiritual gifts…). so three (the number of the trinity) sixes is seen as extremely imperfect. therefore, 666 represents imperfect man, while 777 represents g-d.
for example, scholars who believe the book of revelation refers to real people and events argue that the number represents the value of nero or neron caesar (נרון קסר, nrwn qsr-) in hebrew letters, which also have numerical values
permissions level for a file in unixwhich allows anyone to read, execute, or write to that file. simply put – any schmoe can look at and change the file. a bad idea if the file is, or may someday become, even remotely important or senstive.

executed at the command line as “chmod 777
“have you gone mad, carl?!” thad screeched, “‘chmod 777 /etc/p-ssword ‘is like walking into compton buck naked, covered in swastikas, with hundred dollar bills taped to your d-ck!”
an extremely lucky number, due to the fact that everyone knows 7 is the luckiest number around, and if you have three of them…
the boeing 777 aircraft
a 777 p-ssed us overhead.
the number of perfection.

see also 666
i am perfect for a bare the numbers 777.
very lucky number

the number of god
777 fo sho

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