7cupsoftea (usually called 7cups) is a bad-ss site, that offers psychological help by people just like you, after they are trained by the site. you can either talk about your problems, or become a listener and help others with their problems.
if you want to anonymously talk about this with someone, just join 7cups!

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  • Legitamonsters

    when something is super legit. keyon: “you sure?” ki: “dude! legit! it’s legitamonsters!”

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    is an obsessive and unhealthy addiction to m-ffins, may cause mild to severe r-t-rdation and confusion. individuals may attack friends and/or family in order to take possession of said m-ffin then penetrate it dave: where the f@ck is my m-ffin?! danny: dude calm down it looked delicious so i ate it im sorry dave: wtf!!!! […]

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    getting a rimjob while watching a redbox movie bill nye the guy- yo girl came over last night for redbox and rimjob

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