A 1

[ey-wuhn] /ˈeɪˈwʌn/
a one.
also, a 1.
a one
[ey wuhn] /ˈeɪ ˈwʌn/
noting a vessel regarded by a shipping-cl-ssification society as being equipped to the highest standard and with equipment maintained in first-cl-ss condition.
also, a number one. informal. first-cl-ss; excellent; superior:
the meals there are a one.
also, a-one, a 1, a-1.

in figurative sense of “first-rate,” 1837, in d-ckens; from lloyd’s of london designation for ships in first-cl-ss condition (with the letter referring to the condition of the ship and the number to that of the stores).


first cl-ss (excellent)

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