A la carte

[ah luh kahrt, al-uh; french a la kart] /ˌɑ lə ˈkɑrt, ˌæl ə; french a la ˈkart/
adjective, adverb
with a separate price for each dish offered on the menu:
dinner à la carte.
compare prix fixe, table d’hôte.
à la carte
/ɑː lɑː ˈkɑːt; æ lə; french a la kart/
adjective, adverb
(of a menu or a section of a menu) having dishes listed separately and individually priced compare table d’hôte
(of a dish) offered on such a menu; not part of a set meal
word origin
c19: from french, literally: according to the card

1826, from french à la carte, literally “by the card” (see card (n.)); in other words, “ordered by separate items.” distinguished from a table d’hôte, meal served at a fixed, inclusive price.

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