a panda who is g-y
my name is aaquib and i am a rival against adnaan

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  • fenton supreme

    when you show up to a party late and your penalty is to take three shots of the cheapest vodka at the party then immediately funnel the cheapest beer at the party as quick as you can to catch up. mohammed is coming late to the party, the guys are going to make him to […]

  • trumpload

    truhmp-lohd (noun) a unit of measure for volume equaling that which fills two tiny hands cupped into the shape of a bowl; usually considered to be equal to one-quarter cup; trumpful. debbie: “how many green onions should i put on my enchilada c-sserole?” george: “anything over a trumpload would simply be too many, debbie!”

  • obama sauna

    the hot feeling sometimes accompanied with sweat to include the palms fealt when it is realized that you have not done your job or done a job wrong my boss man caught me asleep on the job and i went into an instant obama sauna even though the temperature had to be in the 50’s

  • serdar

    serdar is a person who plays video games all day without talking to anyone come to town your such a ‘serdar’

  • stevie eyes

    when a object is within sight range but still can’t see it john: ” have you seen my keys mate” fred: ” there right in front of you mate. you still suffering from stevie eyes”

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