a word you say when you are very frustrated.
no, the other left! aarrgghh!

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  • followed through

    when you shoot a basketball and you ark your shooting arm in such a way it forms a “dangling flopper” allowing for the shot to be made every time i followed through when you shoot!

  • dadolescent

    an over-the-hill or middle-aged dad who still acts like a child or teenager. the act of being an immature father. brother: what’s pop been up to since i’ve been away at college? sister: oh, you know: egging cars, putting flaming bags of p–p on doorsteps, and the list goes on… brother: his dadolescent behavior is […]

  • Grinding booty cheeks

    verb: the act of perceived quality dance moves where one’s junk is applied forcibly against another’s nether regions, much like the grinding of gears in a clock. much like: freaking getting down bailamos enrique iglesias “last night was a success! i was grinding booty cheeks all night long!”

  • Talk down on my name

    if someone talks bad about you you say… “don’t talk down on my name”

  • scorch the porcelain

    when a particularly brutal poo leaves the toilet bowl in need of a good scrub to remove traces of the ‘splashdown and slide’ of the offending t-rd, into the deeper waters of the u-bend. sorry to scorch the porcelain john. you got some rubber gloves and a brush handy?

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