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  • Mubariz

    he’s a guy everyone admires. he’s one of those silent types, yet when he gets to know you, he’s funny, crazy and weird. there’s a part of him he tends to hide which is his caring, sensitive side. it’s always there but he disguises it well. he’s charming when he’s not being c-cky. d-mn, you […]

  • Str8r

    a straight h8r. used by gay people to describe someone who is straight and also slightly h-m-phobic. cody: this guy doesn’t understand that it’s possible to like both guys and girls! phil: girl, he’s just a str8r #gay #bi #h-m-phobe #straight #h-m-phobic

  • Spermiform

    similar to when a kidnapper chloroforms someone, spermiform is when a man approaches an unsuspecting victim from behind with a tissue or cloth wet with his s-m-n and covers their mouth with it. yesterday, i snuck up on chris and gave him a good old spermiform. he can still taste my c-m.

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    the eternal teacher and the gatekeeper,also known as fabbbyyy, for engineers and misguided individuals.. he is the light, molecule, and bond to every solution. all hail the montechrist!!!!!!!! i prayed to the montechrist to curse his wretched -sshole with big black d-cks and itching powder. lord monte save us all!! -babies, gunz, and montechristo

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    the mexican b-tt plug is a fairly easy s-x position. it is when a man wraps a tortilla around his p-n-s, and then stuffs it into another persons -n-s. dude i just gave my girlfriend a mexican b-tt plug.

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