awesome girl, so sweet , s-xy , cool , funny , and lovable
d-mn aasia is fine!

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  • aawned

    see owned, pwned. an extremity of owned when the consecutive letters of the alphabet all the way to zwned have been reached, and thus double characters are necessary. omegabyte: i zwned your -ss! sp-cejesus: yeah, well i’ll aawn you next round!

  • aba

    a response given to thwart the continuance of a conversation due lack of interest, lack of substance, lack of agreement, etc. not necessarily negitvely connotative, often used playfully. used to replace “no”, “not right now”, “not really”, “i don’t wanna” -yo dude you wanna go to a karaoke bar tonight? -aba -dude i was f-ck-n […]

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    often used when displaying an overwhelming sense of proudness, it is something that cannot be put into words. me: “did you hit that last night? cashola: “of course!!! me: aboomole!

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    abra, a p-ssy pokemon. the only move it has is teleport and is hard to catch. abra has used teleport! gamer : f-ck sake! 6 more definitions add your own a extremely talented, beautiful collecton of s-xy girls. a group which is admired by many. omg i wish i was an abra! an abra girl […]

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