a response given to thwart the continuance of a conversation due lack of interest, lack of substance, lack of agreement, etc. not necessarily negitvely connotative, often used playfully. used to replace “no”, “not right now”, “not really”, “i don’t wanna”
-yo dude you wanna go to a karaoke bar tonight?

-dude i was f-ck-n wasted but i’m pretty sure that chick i nailed last night wasn’t that bad looking. should i call her tonight to come hang out with us?

-i’m thinkin about growing a goatee. that would be pretty sweet. right?
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american bad -ss
kid rock is an aba b-tch..
american bad-ss
dude, did you see that guy? he was such an a.b.a.
acronym; anti-bleeders -ssociation. a group of men who despise any kind of b-tching, whining, wussies, p-ss-es, betrayers, male pole-smokers and c-ck-gobblers, male s-m-n guzzlers, people who are proud to commit adultery, help cause a divorce, marry the person they committed adultery with, and lie to everyone about how they meet each other. a group which does not and will never discriminate.
if it wasn’t for the little rascals and al bundy leading the movement. the aba would not be what is today.

the aba needs to start a political party. billions of taxpayers dollars would be saved by the aba. the aba would require all the people, able to work, collecting welfare to find employment in 30 days or will be made a slave of the taxpayer.

an aba president serves as president for free. aba views being the president of the united states as a honor, not a $500,000.00 a year status of a king or communist dictator.
abbreviation for the american basketball -ssociation, the league that came before the nba.
aba… more than just a game!
an organization founded in 2006 devoted to ending brohanism. as co. chair of the a.b.a. (anti-brohan -ssosiation). me and my head chair (unnamed) are struggling through the world of brohans. it is a new discease that has been spreading around the world. it is up to you to stop brohanism by putting an end to ugg companies, abercrombie and fitch stores, all designer clothing. we would like to be able to stop all forms of media that promote brohanism. thank you.
we (the a.b.a.) are based in the borhan county police department. if you are intrested in -ssisting us in the quest to rid the world of the brohan you may contact us there. if you or a friend feel you may be infected by this disease you may become a registered borhan in which case you recieve free care. if you don’t live near the brohan county police department you can drop by your local drug store and by a brohan aid kit for common use.
american bicycle -ssociation for bmx racing
dude is nat’l #5 in aba but can’t make a main in the nbl.

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