the girl who always has a good time. the girl who is always making people laugh, and who is easily loved. the girl who is beatiful on the inside and the outside. the girl has slammin hips. the girl whose dedicated, and has a rockin family. the girl who is the best best friend ever, amazing all around!!
wow i wish i had an abby friend!

d-mnn, look at hurr she must be an abby!
mmmm look at those hips.
s-xy hott, every boy loves her. girls want to be friends her, boys want to have her. not the most popular girl in the world though. she’s just normal. funny, cute, hott, s-xy, big hott lips, tallish, urban, nice, mean to b-tches, (can pick things up with toes, and can do unusual things with tongue) not you’re average girl.
“oh my god! that girl is such an abby!”
ancient mesopotamian name for thunderbolt of lightning.the name abby, was only given to those of great beauty and power.
“don’t go out tonight…it looks as though it’s gonna abby!”

last night during the hail storm two men died because they were struck by abby.
used to describe the most beautiful girl in the entire world. usually very sweet personality with brunette hair and much intelligence. is popular with many friends and all the guys want her.
jake: wow look at that girl she is so attractive!

ryan: she must be an abby…
used to define a hott, s-xy, smart and confident girl, usually with brown curly hair.
d-mnnn boy that was one s-xy abby that winked at us. i bet she’s popular, gets good grades, and has high self esteem.
a girl who is sometimes thought of as annoying. but she is normally a very nice person, and hates when people think badly of her. sometimes she feel’s misunderstood. also, she can be thought of as beautiful, but she thinks that she’s the ugliest person ever, and needs re-ssuring sometimes. she’s not very good at hiding emotions, but can hide the deepest darkest secrets and emotions. she cares a lot about people and understands emotions and she is easily hurt. she’s innocent, sweet, and hates hurting other people. also, cares a lot about grades and where her life is going…an overall amazing person!
ps- she believes in fairytales and happily ever after
justin: what, that girl, she’s so amazing… -starts drooling-
kevin: haha, that’s why her name is abby!
nick: yeah, seriously, have you never seen an abby before, stop drooling…
the best name out there and the most outgoing person eva
go abby

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