“all but dissertation” — someone who is working on a phd, and has completed all requirements except the dissertation.
“i p-ssed my prelims last week, so now i’m abd.”
asian booty disease
girl you be having abd
already been done…
your buddy points out a girl and you say she’s an “abd”. he should run away quickly.
already been done
that kick flizzle over that hand rail has abd.

abd, fool! so don’t even try it.

that’s b-tch everything has abd.
also known as “asian booty disorder,” it is an overused joke used by people who can’t think of their own jokes. also a reference from poreotics, a dance crew from america’s best dance crew.
asian 1: hey, whatsup everyone?
asian 2: i have abd !!!!
asian 3: abd abd abd!!!
asian 4: ahh abd abd!
abs by default. when someone (particularly a boy/man) is so skinny that he can’t help but have abs. he hasn’t worked for them, he just can’t help but have them.
jimmy has abd, he doesn’t deserve his six pack.
a big d-ck.
my boyfriend was infected with abd.

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